Frequently Asked Questions

How does ExhibitMatch work?

ExhibitMatch simplifies the trade show procurement process by creating a dynamic marketplace for exhibit managers and qualified trade show service providers. Using our easy RFP builder, you can compile your exhibit requirements and post them for bidding by top international exhibit builders.

How long does the process take?

In a matter of minutes, our RFP builder guides you through the process of compiling your exhibit requirements. If you have an existing RFP, this simple process is even quicker!

How much does ExhibitMatch cost?

ExhibitMatch is currently FREE for exhibitors.

Is my information safe?

Your privacy is of the utmost importance at ExhibitMatch. As such, your information will never be sold or shared with third parties. Access to your information is granted only to qualified trade show service providers who participate on ExhibitMatch.

I already have an RFP. Do I have to create a new one?

Although our RFP builder is required, exhibitors already in possession of RFPs may upload their supporting documents for quicker completion.

We already have a booth. We just need installation & dismantle (I&D) labor. Can ExhibitMatch help?

Absolutely. Because exhibitor requirements vary widely, ExhibitMatch is designed to assist trade show coordinators with a variety of exhibit scenarios.

I need to modify an existing booth. What can ExhibitMatch do for me?

Simply provide the relevant details regarding your existing booth (photos, set-up drawings, etc.) and specify in your ExhibitMatch creative brief what you are looking to accomplish with the booth modification. Based on your requirements and location, ExhibitMatch vendors will offer custom proposals for your review.

We attend international trade shows. Can we still use ExhibitMatch?

Yes. ExhibitMatch features top trade show service providers from around the world. From Denver to Dubai, we're here to help make exhibit planning more efficient!

We have a limited budget. What can ExhibitMatch do for us?

We serve exhibitors of varying sizes. Your exhibit requirements will be reviewed by qualified service providers (who will respond with competitive concepts and proposals).

What is an RFP?

For our purposes, a request for proposal (RFP) is simply a comprehensive collection of one's exhibit requirements. If this is all rather unfamiliar to you, have no fear. We'll walk you through a painless (but complete) RFP building process.